Imperial 高校信息 Systems (ICIS) is an application that gives staff access to the College's main Finance, Human Resources, Grants and Student Administration systems. All full-time staff automatically get access to ICIS and the following Self-Service facilities:

  • My Payslips allows you to view your monthly payslips. You can also view them on a smartphone using the Imperial Mobile app
  • My Details enables you to amend your personal details online
  • My Training lets you browse and register for courses from the Learning and Development Centre
  • My Expenses enables you to enter your expense claims online

Depending on your work requirements, you can 请求访问不同的模块 within ICIS for finance, grants, purchasing, student system, human resources, College ID generator, payroll and contingent workers.


There are a number of different ways to login to ICIS depending on what functionality you require.

ICIS self-service (no VPN, RDG or secure access required)

登录ICIS自助服务 from any device that has an internet connection to access:

  • 我的详细信息 - 更新联系方式
  • 经理自助服务
  • My Expenses
  • Payslips
  • My Training
  • iProcurement
  • 所有批准 - PO,费用等。
  • Email approvals - expenses and purchasing (limited visibility)

ICIS backend (full functionality requiring secure access or RDG)

If you are working remotely, and require full access to ICIS, you can log in using the application ‘secure access’ or if you have a desktop on campus you can use a 远程桌面连接 以访问以下内容:

  • HR backend
  • 队伍人员进行维护
  • Finance backend
  • Finance enquiries
  • 采购订单管理
  • Grants enquiries
  • ICIS authorisation (request access to ICIS)

Browser notes:
Windows: Use any of the following 4 browsers: Firefox ESR, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or MS Edge
Mac OS: Use Firefox ESR, not Google Chrome or Safari
All: self-service functions should work on most browsers