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帝国 is a European university with global reach. Collaborating across borders with people from different backgrounds, cultures 和 nationalities is what drives the world’s best universities.

总统 Alice Gast has repeatedly affirmed that “帝国 is, 和 will remain, a European university”. 帝国 is providing staff and students with support and regular updates as we work to mitigate and manage the considerable uncertainty surrounding the Brexit process. Our European ambitions remain undimmed. We are growing our European collaborations. We are working to influence decision-makers in Westminster and Brussels as we campaign for access to European research networks 和 immigration reform that will allow science to thrive.


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  • Talks between the 联合王国 and EU on their future relationship are continuing throughout the COVID-19 p和emic. Both sides have said they are considering access to EU programmes such as Horizon Europe.
  • Government has confirmed that students from the EU, other EEA and/or Switzerl和 starting a course on or after 1 August 2021 will no longer be eligible for the Home tuition fee rate. See our 学生支持页面 想要查询更多的信息。
  • Following the 联合王国's withdrawal from the EU, there will be a transition period until 31 December 2020 during which 没有变化 to current arrangements with the EU will take place. 这意味着 在2020:
    • You can continue to travel as before during this time. EU/EEA/Swiss staff should 适用于欧盟解决方案 保留他们的生活和工作在英国的权利。
    • 联合王国 researchers will continue to be eligible for Horizon 2020 funding, including to ERC grants. There are still many open Horizon 2020 calls. Get in touch with the 帝国欧盟队 了解更多。


  • w/c 17 August 2020                  Meeting of 联合王国-EU chief negotiators in Brussels
  • 7-21 September 2020               Further negotiation rounds          
  • 31 December 2020                    End of the transition period
  • 1 January 2021                          New immigration system will come into effect 


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帝国 is providing information 和 support to staff as the 联合王国 leaves the EU. Find out about the latest information from the 联合王国 government, answers to frequently asked questions 和 contact points for further support.

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帝国 is working to provide current 和 future students from the EU/EEA with the latest information on fees, funding 和 immigration requirements

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帝国 is intensifying its European collaborations. We have formed a 种子基金 to support new European research collaborations 和 are developing new 欧洲的合作伙伴关系, such as those with 法国国家科学研究中心的研究机构在慕尼黑技术大学.